Legacy of Dezrothia:
The Complete Trilogy

For nearly 400 years, the false king has ruled, until one rebel has the chance to change the tides of fate and reverse the course of history.

Her training and instinct tell her what she needs to do, but her heart and body are drawn to two men that could either destroy or save her and the entire kingdom.

The Lores divided the realm. The Prophecy foretold change and restoration. The Fates will decide the true and rightful heir.

Dystopian, Paranormal and Fantasy Romance Books

Where the women bite too

MJ Colgan

Hey, Hi, Hello. Iā€™m MJ.

In reality I live in Worcestershire, but in my head I’m usually off in some fantasy/dystopian world I’ve been dreaming up.

I met my now husband when I was 17, amid my Twilight era, and told him very seriously, very early in the relationship that if he was a vampire, he should just tell me because I’d be totally cool with it – turns out he was fang free šŸ˜” but somehow he stuck around anyway and here we are 14 years later. We have a 4 y/o daughter who is the queen of sass and sacarsm, and two dogs who like to test my patience on a daily basis, but I dote on all the same.

I am a gemini, enneagram type 4w5 and have OCD…. Let’s just say I’ve learned to embrace the chaos and try to think of it as a creativity superpower.

Over a decade into my obsession with books, I discovered my love for writing when co-writing my debut trilogy, Legacy of Dezrothia, with AC Lawlor, fellow spicy book lover and admin of the Cliterature Book Group. I am now writing my debut solo series of paranormal romance, interconnected standalones.

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